(A)   The Building Inspector shall investigate the proposed application and the plans and specifications to determine whether all proposed construction and all sewers, drains, roads, plumbing, electrical, and heating installations are properly and sufficiently described on the plans and specifications and conform, in all respects, to the requirements of this code applicable thereto.
   (B)   He or she shall investigate the same to determine whether the proposed operation is in conformity with the Zoning Ordinance, other pertinent provisions of the village code, and Public Act 96 of 1987, being M.C.L.A. §§ 125.2301 et seq., as amended, relating to the location of the proposed use and the site plan therefor.
   (C)   The Building Inspector shall further, in conjunction with the Fire Chief, investigate the proposed plans and specifications to ascertain that the same show compliance with all applicable fire safety and fire prevention provisions of this code, the laws of the state, and regulations of the State Fire Marshal pertaining thereto.
   (D)   If the Building Inspector is satisfied that the plans and specifications are sufficient with respect to the foregoing and in compliance with this code and other requirements, and if he or she shall determine that the following are complied with, he or she shall approve the application and forward the same to the State Health Commissioner:
      (1)   The application contains the required information;
      (2)   The plans and specifications for the work for which a permit to construct is sought, are such that the works, if constructed in accordance therewith, are, or would be, in his or her judgment, sufficient and adequate to protect the public health; and
      (3)   The specific requirements of Public Act 96 of 1987, being M.C.L.A. §§ 125.2301 et seq., as amended.
   (E)   In all other cases, the Building Inspector shall disapprove the application and forward the same to the State Health Commissioner stating his or her reasons in writing for the disapproval.
   (F)   Prior to forwarding a disapproved application to the State Health Commissioner, however, the Building Inspector shall notify the applicant of the disapproval and the reasons therefor, and the applicant shall be given the opportunity to amend his or her application or the plans and specifications accompanying the same, if he or she shall desire to do so. Amended applications shall be referred to the officer or the agency which disapproved the original application for investigation and further report.
(Prior Code, § 151.03) (Ord. 18, passed 3-18-1968)