In addition to what is declared in this subchapter to be a public nuisance, those offenses which are known to the common law and the statutes of the state as public nuisances, may, in case any thereof exist within the town limits, be treated as such and be against as is provided in this subchapter; or in accordance with any other provisions of law. Wherever the word “nuisance” is used in this subchapter it refers to a public nuisance.
(2000 Code, § 5-3)  (Ord. 1980-1, passed 8-12-1980; Ord. 1988-6, passed 8-22-1988; Ord. 2003-1, passed 3-3-2003; Ord. 2007-2, passed 4-10-2007; Ord. 2009-4, passed 5-12-2009; Ord. 2010-4, passed 12-14-2010)