(A)   The following described alley shall be one-way north: beginning at the northwest corner of Lot 20 in Carter’s Addition to the town, as the same is recorded in plat record 1 pages 152 and 153; thence south 66 feet to the southwest corner of said Lot 20 of Carter’s Addition; thence west 16-1/2 feet to the southeast corner of Lot 21 of said Carter’s Addition; thence north 66 feet to the northeast corner of Lot Number 21 of said Carter’s Addition; thence east 16-1/2 feet to the point of beginning.
   (B)   The appropriate one-way signs shall be placed near the south end and north end of said alley.
   (C)   A violation of this schedule constitutes an offense with a penalty of a fine of $50.
(Ord. 2017-05, passed 3-14-2017)