(A)   Definition. For the purpose of this schedule, the following definition shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      VEHICLE. A motor vehicle, used to transport persons or property, that is moved by an engine or motor that is a part of said vehicle, over streets, highways, tracks, or roads.
   (B)   Dead end/warning signs. A dead end sign and warning signs may be installed on the alley running east from SR 39 (between South Street and SR 26 or Main Street) at the point where the paved alley ends and such paved alley intersects with the former railroad right-of-way.
   (C)   Administrative relief. Any person who believes himself or herself aggrieved through the enforcement of this schedule has the right to seek administrative relief before the town.
   (D)   Penalty. A violation of this schedule constitutes an offense with a penalty of a fine of $50.
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