The Zoning Inspector, or his or her designee, after abating the nuisance under this chapter may recover the total cost of said abatement as follows:
   (a)   Bill the owner, operator, or person in possession of the property for reimbursement of the costs of abatement. The bill shall be mailed to the owner's last known address, when the name and address of the owner are known.
      (1)   Costs that may be billed shall also include inspection, records research, notification, collection agency fees, if any, and billing and/or,
   (b)   Prepare a statement of the charges for the services, the amount paid for the performance of such labor and the cost of publication of the notice provided pursuant to Section 555.02, and a proper description of the lots and lands as to which noxious weeds have been cut and destroyed. The Director of Finance shall cause to be prepared and delivered to Council an ordinance levying against such lots and lands such charges, amounts and fees. When the Council has passed such ordinance a copy thereof, together with a list of such charges, amounts and fees to be so assessed, shall be delivered by the Director of Finance to the County Auditor, and such charges, amounts, and fees shall be entered upon the tax list and duplicate and become a lien upon such lots and land from and after the date of the entry and be collected as other taxes and assessments and be returned to the City, according to law.
   (c)   Nothing in this section shall prevent the Director of Law from taking any other action necessary to collect the costs of abatement described by this section.
      (Ord. 2013-24. Passed 5-28-13.)