(a)   Application. An application for a permit to construct or reconstruct a walk or driveway, or to make a curb opening, shall be on forms furnished by the Municipal Administrator. The forms shall set forth the name and address of the applicant; the name and address of the owner of the property adjoining the right of way where the proposed work is to be done; the street address and legal description of the lot or land adjoining the right of way; the number of square feet of proposed walk or driveway to be constructed or reconstructed or the number of linear feet of curbing cut, dropped or removed; the width of the present walk, driveway or curb opening; the material in the present walk, driveway or curb; the material to be used in the proposed construction or reconstruction of the walk; and such other information as may be required. No walk shall be constructed or reconstructed until a permit has been obtained from the Municipal Administrator by the owner of the contiguous property or his or her agent. A licensed contractor shall ascertain that a permit has been procured before he or she constructs or reconstructs any sidewalk or driveway or makes any curb opening. The permit shall be kept on the site of the construction or reconstruction until completion of the work.
(Ord. 2049. Passed 10-22-90.)
   (b)   Fees.
      (1)   Fees for curb cut, sidewalk and driveway construction permits shall be established by ordinance. No permit shall be issued until the required fee is paid.
         (Ord. 99-009. Passed 4-12-99.)
      (2)   Fees shall be payable at the office of the Finance Director. In the case of reconstruction, fees may be waived at the discretion of the Director if it is determined that the condition giving rise to the need for reconstruction was caused by the City.
         (Ord. 2049. Passed 10-22-90; Ord. 97-073. Passed 12-22-97.)