(a)   A person desiring to engage in the construction, reconstruction or making of walks, driveways or curb openings in the City shall apply to the Municipal Administrator for a license to engage in such activity, upon forms furnished therefor. Such application shall set forth:
      (1)   Individual. Name in full and address.
      (2)   Partnership. Names in full, evidence of legal organization of partnership in accordance with the laws of the State, business address and names in full and address of each person in the partnership.
      (3)   Corporation. Name of the corporation; state of incorporation; name, title and signature of official or officials authorized to sign the application; and such further information as may be required by the Municipal Administrator.
   (b)   The applicant shall further furnish the Municipal Administrator with information as to his or her ability to do and perform all work as required in the construction or reconstruction of walks, driveways or curb openings.
(Ord. 2049. Passed 10-22-90.)