A.   State Law: No license shall be granted to or held by any person made ineligible for such a license by state law.
   B.   Manager Required: No license shall be granted to a corporation that does not have an operating officer who is eligible pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
   C.   Real Party In Interest: No license shall be granted to a person who is the spouse of a person ineligible for a license pursuant to the provisions of subsection A of this section or who, in the judgment of the council, is not the real party in interest or beneficial owner of the business operated, or to be operated, under the license.
   D.   Interest Defined: The term "interest" as used in this section includes any pecuniary interest in the ownership, operation, management or profits of a retail intoxicating liquor or 3.2 percent malt liquor establishment, but does not include: bona fide loans; bona fide fixed sum rental agreements; bona fide open accounts or other obligations held with or without security arising out of the ordinary and regular course of business or selling or leasing merchandise, fixtures or supplies to such establishment; or an interest of five percent (5%) or less in any corporation holding a city liquor license. A person who receives monies from time to time directly or indirectly from the licensee in the absence of a bona fide consideration therefor and excluding bona fide gifts or donations, shall be deemed to have a pecuniary interest in such retail license. In determining bona fide, the reasonable value of the goods or things received as consideration for the payment by the licensee and all other facts reasonably tending to prove or disprove the existence of any purposeful scheme or arrangement to evade the prohibitions of this section shall be considered. (Ord. 2015-06, 7-7-2015)