Except as specifically authorized by this title, all equipment, merchandise, materials, supplies, unlicensed vehicles, junk vehicles, trash and junk, and finished and unfinished products shall be stored within structures as defined herein. This provision does not apply to clothesline poles, lawn furniture, picnic tables and playground equipment as associated with residential use. Construction materials may be stored outdoors only during construction, and such materials must be for use in construction on the property on which they are stored. (Ord. B-114, 3-6-2001)
   A.   Storing Or Parking Junked Vehicle Prohibited: It is unlawful for any person to park, store or leave any junked motor vehicle, whether attended or not, upon any public or private property within the city, or for any person, as an owner of or an occupant having control of private property within the city to permit the parking, storing or leaving of any junked vehicle upon such private property, unless such junked vehicle is within an enclosed building or structure lawfully situated upon private property or is so parked, stored or left upon private property lawfully zoned and operated as a recycling operation.
   B.   Woodpiles: Firewood shall not be stored in the front yard or nearer the front lot line than the principal building or less than five feet (5') from a lot line. Firewood shall be stacked on an impervious surface or be elevated at least four inches (4") off the ground. Stacks shall not exceed six feet (6') in height. (Ord. B, 9-19-1989)
   C.   Recreation Vehicles: See section 8-2-5 of this code for regulations pertaining to the storage of recreation vehicles. (Ord. XII.20, 7-20-2004)
   D.   Trash And Junk: All solid waste material, debris, refuse, garbage, junk or similar material shall be kept within tightly closed containers designed for such purpose. The containers shall be kept in an enclosed area between days of scheduled pick up. (Ord. B, 9-19-1989)