10-1-16: APPEALS:
Any person aggrieved by an action relating to the enforcement of this chapter, including the disapproval of a properly filed application for approval, issuance of a written notice of violation, or an alleged failure to properly enforce this chapter in regard to a specific application, may appeal the action to the city. The following conditions apply to all appeals:
   A.   The applicant shall submit the appeal in writing to the city clerk and include supporting documentation. The city must receive the written appeal within ten (10) days of the notice of violation.
   B.   City staff shall make a decision on the appeal within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of a complete appeal application.
   C.   The applicant may appeal the decision of city staff to the city council. This appeal must be filed with the city clerk within thirty (30) days of city staff's decision. Subject to any applicable state law, the decision of the city council is final. (Ord. 2015-01, 2-17-2015; amd. Ord. 2015-05, 7-7-2015)