A.   Stormwater Utility:
      1.   Utility Established: The city does hereby establish the Rosemount stormwater utility for the purpose of managing city owned stormwater facilities, the collection of stormwater connection charges, utility user fees and expenditures necessary to own and operate this utility as expressly allowed under Minnesota statutes, sections 412.321 through 412.391.
      2.   Operation And Administration: The operation and administration of the Rosemount stormwater utility will be the responsibility of the utilities commission as established in title 2, chapter 4 of this code.
      3.   Rules And Regulations: Establishment of operational standards, user fees and other rules and regulations established for the purpose of operating this utility are established in the "stormwater utility policy" adopted herein by reference and may be amended by city council resolution as is deemed necessary by the council.
      4.   Effect, User Fees: The Rosemount stormwater utility will be established on April 1, 1992, with the first user fees collected in July 1992.
   B.   Processing And Approval Fee: All applications for stormwater management plan approval shall be accompanied by a processing and approval fee determined by the city council. An applicant may also be required to pay a stormwater trunk area charge and/or stormwater connection charge in order to fund the development and maintenance of community stormwater management facilities designed to serve multiple land disturbing and development activities undertaken by one or more persons, including the applicant. (Ord. 2015-05, 7-7-2015)