A.   Process: Stormwater management plans meeting the requirements of section 10-1-7 of this chapter shall be submitted to the city engineer for review in accordance with the standards of section 10-1-9 of this chapter.
   B.   Duration: Approval of a plan submitted under the provisions of this chapter shall expire one year after the date of approval unless construction has commenced in accordance with the plan. However, if prior to the expiration of the approval, the applicant makes a written request to the city engineer for an extension of time to commence construction setting forth the reasons for the requested extension, the city engineer may grant one extension of not greater than one single year. Receipt of any request for an extension shall be acknowledged by the city engineer within fifteen (15) days. The city engineer shall make a decision on the extension within thirty (30) days of receipt. Any plan may be revised in the same manner as originally approved.
   C.   Conditions: A stormwater management plan may be approved subject to compliance with conditions reasonable and necessary to ensure that the requirements contained in this chapter are met. Such conditions may, among other matters, limit the size, kind or character of the proposed development, require the construction of structures, drainage facilities, storage basins and other facilities, require replacement of vegetation, establish required monitoring procedures, require turf is established in specified areas, require erosion control measures have been removed and their removal area inspected, and landscaping is completed, stage the work over time, require alteration of the site design to ensure buffering, and require the conveyance to the city or other public entity of certain lands or interests therein.
   D.   Security: Prior to approval of any stormwater management plan, the applicant shall submit an agreement to construct such required physical improvements, to dedicate property or easements, or to comply with such conditions as may have been agreed to. Such agreement shall be accompanied by irrevocable, automatically renewing letter of credit, performance bond or other improvement security in the amount specified by the current city ordinance for fee schedule. The security shall cover all costs of engineering and inspection, site improvements, street sweeping, repairs to erosion control measures, and maintenance of improvements for such period as specified by the city. Such security shall be provided prior to the release of the grading permit. The security shall be released after final stabilization is complete, erosion control measures have been removed and their removal area inspected. The agreement shall guarantee completion and compliance with conditions within a specific time, which time may be extended in accordance with subsection B of this section.
The adequacy, conditions and acceptability of any agreement and security shall be determined by the city council or any official of the city as may be designated by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 2015-01, 2-17-2015)