A.   General: In addition to the information which may be required by the forms of the commissioner, the application for any type of license to be issued under this chapter shall contain information required by this section.
   B.   Nature Of Application: The application shall show whether the applicant is a natural person, corporation, partnership or other firm or organization.
      1.   Natural Person: If the applicant is a natural person, the following information shall be required:
         a.   True name, place and date of birth, and street residence address of the applicant.
         b.   Whether the applicant has ever used or been known by a name other than his or her true name and, if so, what was such name or names, and information concerning dates and places where used.
         c.   The name of the business if it is to be conducted under a designation, name or style other than the full individual name of the applicant; in such case a copy of the certification, as required by Minnesota statutes, chapter 333, certified by the secretary of state, shall be attached to the application.
         d.   Street addresses at which the applicant has lived during the preceding ten (10) years.
         e.   Kind, name and location of every business or occupation the applicant has been engaged in during the preceding ten (10) years.
         f.   Names and addresses of the applicant's employers and partners, if any, for the preceding ten (10) years.
         g.   Whether the applicant or his spouse, has ever been convicted of any crime or violation of any city ordinance, other than traffic. If so, the applicant shall furnish information as to the time, place and offense for which convictions were had.
      2.   Partnership: If the applicant is a partnership, the following information shall be required:
         a.   The names and addresses of all partners and all information concerning each partner as is required of an individual applicant in subsection B1 of this section. A managing partner or partners shall be designated. The interest of each partner in the business shall be disclosed.
         b.   A true copy of the partnership agreement.
         c.   If the partnership is required to file a certificate as to a trade name under the provisions of Minnesota statutes, chapter 333, a true copy of such certificate certified by the secretary of state shall be attached to the application.
      3.   Corporation: If the applicant is a corporation or other association, the following information shall be required:
         a.   Name and, if incorporated, the state of incorporation.
         b.   A true copy of the certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation or association agreement and bylaws and, if a foreign corporation, a certificate of authority, as described in Minnesota statutes.
         c.   The name of the manager or proprietor or other agent in charge of the premises to be licensed, giving all the information about said person as is required of an individual applicant in subsection B1 of this section.
         d.   A list of all persons who, singly or together with their spouses, or a parent, brother, sister or child of either of them, own or control an interest in said corporation or association in excess of ten percent (10%) or who are officers or directors of said corporation or association, together with all information as is required of an individual applicant in subsection B1 of this section.
      4.   Club: If an application is submitted by a club, the following information shall be submitted in addition to that required by the commissioner of public safety:
         a.   The name of the club and the purpose for which the club was originally organized and for which it is now existing.
         b.   The date and location that the club was first incorporated, and, where appropriate, the date that the establishment serving the club was incorporated or otherwise established. True copies of the articles of incorporation, bylaws, or other similar governing documents shall be submitted with the application.
         c.   The number of members.
         d.   The name of the manager, proprietor or other person who shall be in charge of the licensed premises together with all information concerning such person as is required of an individual applicant in subsection B1 of this section.
         e.   A sworn statement by a responsible individual having personal knowledge of the facts shall be submitted with the application verifying that the club meets all the requirements of Minnesota statutes, sections 340A.404 and 340A.101, subdivision 7. In the event that no person can make such a statement, satisfactory documentary proof may be submitted in support of such facts.
   C.   Type: The application shall state the type of license the applicant seeks.
   D.   Description Of Premises:
      1.   Legal Description: The exact legal description of the premises to be licensed together with a plot plan of the area showing dimensions, location of buildings, street access, parking facilities and the locations of and distances to the nearest church buildings and school grounds.
      2.   Street Address: The street address where the sale of alcoholic beverages is to be conducted.
      3.   Plans Of Premises: A set of plans showing the design of the proposed compact and contiguous premises within which alcoholic beverages may be dispensed and consumed. The plan shall show room dimensions and shall indicate the number of persons intended to be served in each of said rooms.
   E.   Financial And Interest Criteria:
      1.   Financial Interest: The names and addresses of all persons, other than the applicant, who have any financial interest in the business, buildings, premises, fixtures, furniture, stock in trade; the nature of such interest, amount thereof, terms for payment or other reimbursement. This shall include, but not be limited to, any lessees, lessors, mortgagees, mortgagors, lenders, lienholders, trustees, trustors and persons who have cosigned notes or have otherwise loaned, pledged or extended security for any indebtedness of the applicant.
      2.   Amount Of Investment: The amount of investment that the applicant has in the business, building, premises, fixtures and structures, exclusive of land, on the premises proposed to be licensed.
   F.   References: The names, and addresses of three (3) persons, residents of the state, of good moral character, not related to the applicant or financially interested in the premises or business, who may be referred to as to the applicant's character or, in the case where information is required of a manager, the manager's character.
   G.   Taxes: Whether or not all real estate taxes, assessments, or other financial claim of the city, state or federal government for the business and premises to be licensed have been paid, and if not paid, the years for which delinquent.
   H.   Description Of Proposed Business: A detailed narrative description of the proposed business for which the license is sought including, but not limited to: type of clientele, type of entertainment (if any), type of food menu (if any), and fixtures.
   I.   Other Information Required: Such other information as the city council shall require. (Ord. 2015-06, 7-7-2015)