A.   Parking Designated By Council: The city council is authorized to designate parking and restrict the length of time parking shall be permitted at any place within the city. In establishing or changing parking zones or parking restrictions, the council shall pass a resolution at a meeting adequately describing and defining said parking zones or parking restrictions. The chief of police is authorized to erect signs prohibiting or limiting parking at locations he deems appropriate.
   B.   Parking Generally: No owner of a vehicle shall leave, park or permit the same to stand on any city street or alley for more than twenty four (24) hours. (Ord. XII.11, 11-3-1987)
   C.   Seasonal Parking Restrictions: No person shall park a vehicle or permit it to stand upon any public street, highway or alley during the following times:
      1.   At any time after a snowfall, wind or other weather condition has resulted in an accumulation of snow of two inches (2") or more in depth on the public street, highway or alley until the street, or highway or alley is plowed curb to curb.
      2.   Between the hours of two o'clock (2:00) A.M. and six o'clock (6:00) A.M. between November 1 and April 1 of each calendar year. (Ord. XII.18, 10-2-2001)
   D.   Parking Near Fires: No person except fire department members shall park a car within three hundred feet (300') of a fire 1 .
   E.   Violating Parking Signs: No person shall park a vehicle in such a manner or location as to disobey or violate a parking sign which was posted by the city. The registered owner of a vehicle shall be deemed responsible for the parking of a vehicle under this subsection, along with the person who actually parks the vehicle.
   F.   Storing Or Parking Junked Vehicle Prohibited: It is unlawful for any person to park, store or leave any junked vehicle, whether attended or not, upon any public or private property within the city, or for any person, as an owner of or an occupant having control of private property within the city to permit the parking, storing or leaving of any junked vehicle upon such private property, unless such junked vehicle is within an enclosed building or structure lawfully situated upon private property or is so parked, stored or left upon private property lawfully zoned and operated as a junkyard. (Ord. XII.11, 11-3-1987)
   G.   Unauthorized Parking Of Vehicles: Unauthorized parking of vehicles or display of vehicles for sale shall not be permitted on public property or publicly zoned property. Vehicles offered for sale shall comply with the following:
      1.   The vehicles sold in residential areas shall be personal property of the occupant or owner of the premises.
      2.   Vehicles for sale shall be parked on an approved parking surface. (Ord. XII.17, 2-20-2001)
   H.   Outdoor Parking Or Storage Of Vehicles In Residential Districts: The following standards apply to the outdoor parking or storage of vehicles in all residential districts:
      1.   General: The parking or storage of vehicles in any residential zoning district shall comply with all applicable performance standards for the zoning district in which they are located as well as the off street parking regulations in title 11, chapter 6, "Off Street Parking, Loading And Landscaping", of this code.
      2.   Number: The maximum number of vehicles parked or stored outdoors on any rural residential zoned property (RR) shall not exceed ten (10) vehicles per dwelling unit and any residential property zoned R-1, R-1A, R-2, R-3 or R-4 shall not exceed six (6) vehicles per dwelling unit. These vehicles must be owned by and for the primary use of the owner or occupant of the dwelling unit. Junk vehicles parked or stored outdoors are prohibited by subsection F of this section. (Ord. B-197, 10-7-2008)
   I.   Residential Streets: No commercial vehicles, trailer or equipment shall be parked or stored in a rural residential or residential district except when loading, unloading, or rendering a service, unless parked in a fully enclosed, authorized structure. No utility trailer, boat trailer, or other recreational trailers are permitted to be parked on a public street in a rural residential or residential district between the hours of two o'clock (2:00) A.M. and six o'clock (6:00) A.M. (Ord. XII.17, 2-20-2001; amd. Ord. B-197, 10-7-2008)
   J.   Parking Surface:
      1.   All parking in RL, R-1, R-1A, R-2, R-3, C-1, DT, C-3, C-4, GI, PUD and BP districts in areas served by sanitary sewer or where a planned unit development agreement requires approved surfaces must be on one of the following surfaces: (Ord. XII.20, 7-20-2004; amd. Ord. B-174, 10-17-2006; Ord. B-197, 10-7-2008; Ord. B-211, 1-4-2011)
         a.   Concrete;
         b.   Bituminous; or
         c.   Brick pavers.
      2.   In addition to the parking surfaces in subsections J1a through J1c of this section, recreation vehicles may be parked on a decorative rock surface meeting the following requirements:
         a.   The decorative rock material is minimum class V(5), and is a minimum depth of four inches (4") with a commercial grade weed preventative mesh underlayment;
         b.   Edging must be installed to prevent the rock from spreading from the designated parking area;
         c.   The parking area must be at least equal in size to the recreation vehicle being stored; and
         d.   The decorative rock and the required weed preventative mesh underlayment must be continuously maintained to prevent weed growth and deterioration.
      3.   All properties with existing rock (class 5) parking surfaces not in compliance with the requirements of subsections J1 and J2 of this section must be brought into compliance within one year of the effective date hereof. (Ord. XII.20, 7-20-2004; amd. Ord. B-197, 10-7-2008)
   K.   Public Nuisance Declared: The presence of a junked vehicle upon private or public property within the city, except as permitted by the provisions of subsection F of this section, or the violation of any of the provisions of this chapter, is hereby declared to be a hazard to the public health and safety and a public nuisance which may be abated by the city as such. (Ord. XII.11, 11-3-1987; amd. Ord. B-197, 10-7-2008)
   L.   In All Commercial Districts: No commercial trucks, truck- tractor, or semitrailer combinations are allowed to be parked and/or stored longer than forty eight (48) hours in any commercial district, unless parked in designated loading areas. (Ord. XII.17, 2-20-2001; amd. Ord. B-197, 10-7-2008)



1. See also section 8-2-4 of this chapter.