In areas R and NR, the shooting or carrying of bows and firearms which are not encased or dismantled is permitted under the following circumstances in the designated areas R and NR unless otherwise prohibited by State or Federal law:
   A.   By law enforcement officers in the line of duty or military personnel in the line of duty.
   B.   By any person to resist or prevent an offense which that person reasonably believes exposes him or her or another person to great bodily harm or death.
   C.   By any person on a rifle, trap, archery or target range established in accordance with the City's zoning ordinance or as part of a City sponsored or authorized activity. (Ord. XIV.11, 10-6-1992)
   D.   By any person target practicing with a bow and a suitable backstop in a designated City park(s) area(s) or on school grounds in connection with a school sponsored class or program or in an area zoned Rural Residential and at least two hundred feet (200') from all buildings, unless the buildings are owned by him or her or unless he or she has the owner's written permission carried on his or her person. Bow and arrow target practice may also take place within the confines of a building if a suitable backstop is used. (Ord. XVI.47, 6-5-2001)
   E.   By a person participating in a special hunting season, which season may not conflict with State law or regulations, established by the City Council upon the recommendation of the Chief of Police for the purpose of wildlife management. The seasons shall be established by the City Council when, based upon competent professional advice (such as a conservation officer), a season is needed to reduce an animal population. (Ord. XIV.11, 10-6-1992)
   F.   Bow and arrow use for hunting purposes is permitted on platted parcels of a minimum of 2.5 acres that are zoned Rural Residential or Agriculture. All hunting must be done from an elevated stand of a minimum of five feet (5'). Hunting with a bow and arrow shall be in accordance with all applicable State laws and regulations. (Ord. XVI.51, 6-3-2003)