BOW: Any device capable of propelling an arrow or similar projectile for a distance greater than fifty feet (50').
CARRY: The handling or transportation of a bow or firearm concealed or otherwise outside a person's domicile.
DISMANTLED BOW OR FIREARM: Any unloaded firearm or bow which is dismantled in such a manner so as to prevent shooting it.
ENCASED BOW OR FIREARM: Any unloaded bow or firearm, placed in a case which is tied or otherwise secured, to prevent shooting it.
FIREARM: A device that discharges shot or a projectile by means of an explosive, a gas, a spring or compressed air.
LANDOWNER: Any person, group, firm or corporation owning, leasing or legally controlling any lands within the territorial limits of the City.
NONRESTRICTED: That area in the City in which the use of firearms and bows and arrows are regulated only by State and Federal Statutes, without any further restrictions of this chapter.
PROJECTILE: Any object intended and capable of being discharged from a bow or firearm.
RESTRICTED: That area of the City in which the use of firearms and bows and arrows is restricted by regulations included in this chapter in addition to State and Federal Statutes.
RESTRICTED SHOTGUN: That area of the City in which hunting with a firearm is restricted to the use of a shotgun.
SHOOTING: The firing or discharge of any bow or firearm.
SUITABLE BACKSTOP: Any natural or manmade barrier of sufficient mass, size, or construction to wholly contain the projectile being discharged from a bow or firearm.
TRAPPING: The act of setting or laying a trap used to catch, snare or kill an animal or bird.
WRITTEN PERMISSION: A written document containing the following information: the full name, address, date of birth and signature of the person authorized to hunt or shoot; the full name, address, and signature of the landowner providing the written permission. (Ord. XIV.11, 10-6-1992; amd. Ord. XVI.51, 6-3-2003; Ord. XVI.58, 9-16-2008)