A.   All persons in control of an animal on any park property, public property or right of way shall have in possession at all times apparatus that can be used for cleaning up feces, or a bag for proper disposal of feces. The person in control of an animal is responsible for picking up the animal's feces and disposing of it properly. Failure to properly collect and dispose of animal feces is a violation of this chapter.
   B.   A property owner is required to clean all feces from his or her property as often as necessary to prevent contamination to animals or humans and to avoid nuisance from odors and breeding of insects, but in no case less than weekly.
   C.   Any stable, barn or yard area in which horses, cattle or any farm animals are kept shall be kept clean. Manure shall be removed with sufficient frequency to avoid nuisance from odors, breeding of insects, public nuisance, or a public health nuisance, and in no case less than weekly.
   D.   Manure on public streets, roadways, or public right of way shall be removed by the owner, rider or driver of a horse and disposed of properly on the person's property, or in a public waste receptacle if the manure is packaged in a sealed plastic bag or similar container. (Ord. 2011-09, 8-1-2011)