A.   No person shall use or operate any electronic sound system or audio equipment including, but not limited to, any compact disc player, AM-FM radio, citizen band radio, paging system, or any other device designed to produce or reproduce audio sound in such an unreasonably loud manner that it disturbs the peace, quiet, and comfort of others or interferes with the right of another to use peacefully his/her property or public property without disturbance.
   B.   It shall be presumed that a violation of this section has occurred when any electronic sound system or audio equipment is operated in a manner in which it is plainly audible at a distance of fifty feet (50') or more from the property line or from the vehicle operating the audio equipment.
   C.   When sound violating this section is produced by an electronic sound system or audio equipment that is located in or on a vehicle, the vehicle's owner is guilty of the violation, provided that if the vehicle's owner is not present, the person in charge of the vehicle at the time of the violation is guilty of the violation.
   D.   This section shall not apply to sound produced by the following:
      1.   Amplifying equipment used:
         a.   In connection with activities for which a permit has been granted by the city, subject to the terms of the permit; or
         b.   In connection with any special community event or special activity sponsored or organized by a school, church, or the city, provided the amplifying equipment is not used later than ten thirty o'clock (10:30) P.M.;
      2.   Antitheft devices;
      3.   Church bells, chimes or carillons, school bells, or emergency civil defense warning signals; and
      4.   Authorized emergency vehicles or other vehicles required by law to be equipped with sound devices. (Ord. 2015-7, 8-18-2015)