A.   Unlawful Noises Or Disturbances: No person shall participate in any party or other gathering of people giving rise to noise which disturbs the peace, quiet or repose of the occupants of adjoining or other property. This shall not apply to city authorized events.
   B.   Duty To Disperse: When a police officer determines that a gathering is creating such noise disturbance, the officer shall order all persons present, other than the owner or tenant of the premises where the disturbance is occurring, to disburse immediately. Any person who refuses to disburse from such a gathering after being ordered by a police officer to do so, is guilty of a misdemeanor. Every owner or tenant of such premises who has knowledge of the disturbance shall cooperate with police officers and shall make every reasonable effort to see that the disturbance is immediately abated.
   C.   Owner Or Tenant Liability: Every owner, tenant or agent of the premises where a party or gathering in violation of this section occurs, and who is present at such party or gathering, or who is not present, but knows such party or gathering is occurring, is deemed a participant and is guilty of a violation of this section.
   D.   Evidence: It shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this section if the sound of the party or gathering is audible to a human ear at a distance of fifty feet (50') from the premises from which the gathering, conduct or disturbance is occurring. (Ord. XV.6, 9-21-1993)
   E.   Penalty: Every person who violates this section when they perform an act thereby prohibited or declared unlawful, or fails to act when such failure is thereby prohibited or declared unlawful, and upon conviction thereof, shall be punished as described in title 1, chapter 4 of this code, except as otherwise stated in specific provisions hereof. (Ord. XII.21, 6-15-2004)