The doing of any of the following acts without authority of law in a public or private place, by any person knowing, or having reasonable grounds to know, that it will, or will tend to, alarm, anger or disturb others or provoke an assault or breach of the peace, is hereby declared to be disorderly conduct:
   A.   Engaging in brawling or fighting.
   B.   Disturbing an assembly or meeting not unlawful in its character, or the peace and quiet of any family or neighborhood.
   C.   Engaging in offensive or abusive language or in boisterous and noisy conduct tending to reasonably arouse alarm, anger and resentment in others.
   D.   Wilfully and lewdly exposing his person or the private parts thereof, or procuring another to so expose himself, or any open and gross lewdness or lascivious behavior or any act of public indecency.
   E.   Appearing upon private property without the consent of the owner or occupant in an intoxicated condition.
   F.   Lurking, lying in wait or concealing oneself in any building, yard, premises or street within the limits of the city with intent to do any mischief, or to pilfer or to commit any crime or misdemeanor.
   G.   Making, aiding or assisting in making any riot, disturbance, or improper diversion, or collecting in bodies or crowds in the city for unlawful purposes or to the annoyance or disturbance of the citizens or travelers.
   H.   Wilfully attempting, offering or threatening with force or violence to do bodily harm to another without lawful authority, or wilfully applying force to the person of another without lawful authority and with intent to do bodily harm.
   I.   Resisting any police officer or any member of the police department, or any person duly empowered with police authority, while in the discharge of his duty or giving false information to any police officer, or in any way interfering with or hindering him in the discharge of his duties or in any way impersonating or attempting to impersonate a police officer.
   J.   Congregating with three (3) or more together or near each other in any public street or any footwalk or sidewalk in the city so as to obstruct the free passage of foot passengers or motor vehicles and, so standing, refuses to move on immediately upon the request so to do made by any police officer.
   K.   Frequents or loiters about any place soliciting any person for the purpose of committing any crime against nature or other lewdness.
   L.   Interferes with or obstructs the fire department while engaged in fighting a fire 1 .
   M.   Stands or loiters in or upon a driveway of any building, or sits upon the steps, window sills or railings of any building in such a manner as to obstruct ingress and egress to and from such building or to the annoyance of the owner or occupant thereof, or the business in case of a public building. (Ord. XV.1, 9-28-1972; amd. 1983 Code)
   N.   Participating in any party or assembly of two (2) or more people from which noise emanates of a sufficient volume or of such nature to disturb the peace, quiet or repose of another person or persons.
Disorderly conduct is hereby prohibited and anyone doing any of the above acts shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall upon conviction thereof be punished as described in title 1, chapter 4 of this code. (Ord. XII.21, 6-15-2004)



1. See also section 6-2-3 of this code.