A.   Prepare Comprehensive Plan: It shall be the function and duty of the planning commission to prepare and update a comprehensive city plan for the physical, economic and social development of the city. The plan shall be submitted to the city council for adoption according to procedures set forth by the city council.
   B.   Prepare Zoning Ordinance: After the adoption of a land use plan for the municipality, the planning commission, for the purpose of carrying out the policies and goals of the land use plan, may, and upon instructions by the city council, shall prepare a proposed zoning ordinance and submit it to the governing body with its recommendations.
   C.   Development Review: The commission shall review and act upon all development proposals in the city according to the authority and procedures set forth in the zoning and subdivision regulations. The commission shall annually review the five (5) year capital improvement program and submit its recommendations to the city council. (Ord. XVII-1, 3-4-1971; amd. 1983 Code; Ord. VIII.5, 4-17-2001)