A.   License Required: It shall be unlawful for any person to collect solid waste without first having secured a license to do so from the city council.
   B.   Application For License: Any person desiring a license to collect solid waste shall make application for the same to the city clerk upon a form prescribed by the city. The application shall set forth:
      1.   The name and address of the applicant.
      2.   A list of the equipment which he proposes to use in such collection.
      3.   The place or places to which the solid waste is to be hauled.
      4.   The manner in which said solid waste is to be disposed of.
      5.   The portion of the city in which collections are to be made.
   C.   Insurance Required, Issuance: As part of the license application, the applicant shall provide proof of insurance with coverage amounts as required by the city council and under the conditions imposed by the ordinances of the city. The city clerk shall then issue and deliver the license.
   D.   Fee: A license fee set by the city council shall accompany the application and upon granting the license, the fee shall be deposited in the general fund.
   E.   Term: No license issued hereunder shall be for a longer period than one year and all licenses shall expire on December 31 of each year.
   F.   Yard Waste Disposal: All yard waste shall be disposed of at compost facilities designated or approved by Dakota County or composted on the property in compliance with chapter 4 of this title.
   G.   Compliance With County Ordinance: All license applicants must also be licensed by Dakota County and comply with all applicable provisions in Dakota County ordinances, including the reporting requirements.
   H.   Limitations On Licensing: The city council, in the interest of maintaining healthful and sanitary conditions in the city, hereby reserves the right to specify and assign certain areas to all licensees, and to limit the number of licenses issued. The council finds that by reducing the number of collection vehicle trips through a neighborhood, the neighborhood will be more safe for children and pedestrians, the amount of wear on the street surface will be reduced, and the total amount of emissions produced by the collection vehicles will decrease. Only haulers licensed as of the effective date of this ordinance shall be allowed to renew their license. Only haulers currently holding a residential collection license as of the effective date of this ordinance shall be allowed to make residential collection.
   I.   No Vested Right: No hauler licensed under this chapter will gain a vested right in the license. The city council may, upon a finding of public necessity, determine to establish another means of solid waste collection. (Ord. XVI.59, 12-2-2008; amd. Ord. 2021-02, 1-5-2021)