COMPOSTING: Controlled microbial degradation of source separated organic waste to yield a humus like product or mulch to be used as a soil amendment.
ENCLOSURE: The required area for storage of waste containers between the times of scheduled collection. This area must conform to the requirements of subsection 5-1-3A3 of this chapter.
RECYCLABLES: Any material such as paper, glass, plastic, and certain metals which are routinely collected and processed for recycling.
RESIDENTIAL HAULER: Any waste hauler making regularly scheduled collections of solid waste or recyclables from single- and multi-family residences.
SINGLE SORT RECYCLING: A system of collecting recyclable materials from the same container without requiring the materials to be sorted or separated.
SOLID WASTE: Any nonrecyclable material produced by any residential, commercial, institutional or industrial use.
WASTE CONTAINER: Any container designed and used to contain or store solid waste and recyclables.
YARD WASTE: Any waste normally generated in the maintenance of yards and property such as garden waste, leaves, lawn cuttings, sawdust, weeds, nonwoody shrub and tree prunings and twigs no larger than one-fourth inch (1/4") diameter. (Ord. XVI.59, 12-2-2008)