A.   Discontinuance Of Service: Water service may be shut off at any stop box connection whenever:
      1.   The owner or occupant of the premises, or any person working on any pipes or requirement thereon has violated or threatens to violate any of the provisions of this article.
      2.   Any charge for water or sewer service or any other financial obligations imposed on the present or former owner or occupant of the premises served is unpaid.
      3.   Fraud or misrepresentation by the owner or occupant of the premises served in connection with any application for service. (Ord. XI.19, 11-19-1996)
   B.   Penalty: Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this article shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished as described in title 1, chapter 4 of this code. (Ord. XII.21, 6-15-2004)
   C.   Additional Penalties; Appeal: In addition to any other penalty or sanction provided for in this article, the city council may, by resolution, set penalties for violations of this article. Such penalties shall be billed to the customer and collected as a part of the water bill. A customer may appeal the imposition of such a penalty to the public utilities commission by serving a written notice of appeal on the city administrator or city clerk within ten (10) days of receipt of notice from the city that it is imposing a penalty. Such notice shall be in writing and shall state the grounds or basis for objecting to the imposition of the charge or penalty. No penalty that has been appealed will be levied or collected until the customer has been given an opportunity for a hearing before the commission. (Ord. XI.24, 2-3-2004)