A.   Leak In Lines To Be Reported: Any owner, occupant or user of a premises who shall discover a leak in a water service line to the premises shall notify the city within twenty four (24) hours. Any water wasted due to failure of such person to comply with this regulation shall be estimated by the city and be charged for against the owner at such premises at the established rate. (Ord. XI.19, 11-19-1996)
   B.   Sprinkling And Other Limitations: In order to conserve the city's potable water supply, each water customer is required to comply with the following restrictions between May 1 and August 31 in any calendar year:
      1.   Daily Schedule: On odd numbered days of the month, only odd numbered addresses shall water lawns or landscaping, and on even numbered days, only even numbered addresses shall water lawns or landscaping.
      2.   Hours: No watering of lawns or landscaping is permitted between the hours of twelve o'clock (12:00) noon and six o'clock (6:00) P.M. on any day.
      3.   Exceptions:
         a.   The limitations of subsections B1 and B2 of this section do not apply to the watering of lawns or landscaping for the first thirty (30) days after establishment or planting of such lawn or landscaping.
         b.   The limitation of subsection B1 of this section does not apply to the watering of lawns or landscaping of public parks and public property by the city, provided the city waters no more frequently than every other day. (Ord. XI.28, 8-21-2007)
   C.   Water For Air Conditioning: All air conditioning systems which are connected directly or indirectly with the public water system must be equipped with water conserving and water regulating devices as approved by the utilities commission. Permits shall be required for the installation of all new air conditioning systems to the public water system. Said permit shall be on forms as provided by the city.
   D.   Use Confined To Premises: No person shall permit water from the water system to be used for any purpose except his own premises unless written consent is obtained from the public works director. (Ord. XI.19, 11-19-1996)