A.   No proposed construction shall be authorized unless the building permit application indicates that measures to be taken to control erosion and sedimentation will be adequate to assure that sediment is not transported from the site by a storm event of 10-year frequency or less, and that the following principles will be applicable to all phases of any clearing, stripping, excavating, filling, grading, construction, or other activities involving the disturbance of the natural terrain or vegetative ground cover:
      1.   Development should be related to the topography and soils of the site so as to create the least potential for erosion. Areas of steep slopes where high cuts and fills may be required should be avoided wherever possible, and natural contours should be followed as closely as possible.
      2.   Natural vegetation should be retained and protected wherever possible. Areas immediately adjacent to natural watercourses should be left undisturbed wherever possible.
      3.   The smallest practical area of land should be exposed for the shortest time during development.
      4.   Sediment basins, debris basins, desilting basins, or silt traps or filters should be installed and maintained to remove sediment from runoff waters from land undergoing development.
      5.   The selection of erosion and sedimentation control measures should be based on assessment of the probable frequency of climatic and other events likely to contribute to erosion, and on evaluation of the risks, costs and benefits involved.
      6.   In the design of erosion control facilities and practices, aesthetics and the requirements of continuing maintenance should be considered.
      7.   Provisions should be made to accommodate the increased stormwater runoff caused by changed soil and surface conditions during and after development. Drainageways should be designed so that their final gradients and the resultant velocities of discharges will not create additional erosion.
      8.   Permanent vegetation and structures should be installed as soon as practical during development.
   B.   Erosion control measures shall be designed in accordance with the standards and requirements contained in “Procedures and Standards for Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control in Illinois” adopted by the Cook County Soil and Water Conservation District, which standards and requirements are hereby incorporated into this chapter by reference.
   C.   The Village Board of Trustees may waive specific requirements for the content of submissions upon finding that the information submitted is sufficient to show that the work will comply with the objectives and principles of this chapter.
(Ord. 87-4-1F, 4-1-1987)