§ 78.15  PARKING.
   (A)   No person shall park a bicycle on a street.  Bicycles may only be parked on sidewalks in a manner so as to afford the least obstruction to pedestrian traffic. Parking racks must be used where provided.
   (B)   Whenever any bicycle is found to be parked in violation of this subchapter the police officers of the village shall conspicuously attach to the bicycle a notice on a form provided by the village. The notice shall contain the registration or serial number of the bicycle.  It shall instruct the owner or operator thereof that the vehicle has been parked in violation of a provision of this subchapter and it shall advise the owner or operator thereof of the penalty provided therefore and the method of paying the penalty within seven days from the time of the issuance of the notice.
   (C)   Any owner or operator of a bicycle may settle and compromise the claim against him for illegal parking by paying to the village $10 for each offense within seven days of the time the alleged offense was committed. A receipt shall be issued for all money so received and the money shall be promptly turned over to the Village Treasurer.  In the event the person to whom the notice is issued fails to settle and pay the violation claim within the prescribed time or within a time specified in a final notice, if one is served on him, then the Police Department is authorized to file a complaint and to prosecute the offense in the Circuit Court, in which case said violation shall be punishable by the fine provided in § 78.99.
(Ord. 438, passed 12-18-74; Am. Ord. 2410-96, passed 3-20-96)  Penalty, see § 78.99 (B)