(A)   The Chiefs of the Police and Fire Departments are hereby authorized to establish a Chaplaincy Program within their respective departments.  Each program shall have one primary chaplain and any additional chaplain assistants as may be appointed by the President and Board of Trustees as are necessary to make the program effective.
   (B)   Each chaplain and assistant chaplain shall be an ecclesiastically certified person and shall serve a religious community in the village.  Each chaplain and assistant chaplain shall be required to participate in a formal training program developed by the chief of each department when originally appointed and on a continuing basis.
   (C)   All chaplains and assistant chaplains shall serve without compensation. The village shall defend and indemnify all chaplains and assistant chaplains for any civil claim or lawsuits filed against them for any non-criminal act or omission arising out of their service to the village.
   (D)   Appointments to this position shall be for one year, effective June 1 and ending May 31 of the following year.  Appointees shall serve until they are reappointed or until someone is appointed.
(Ord. 2468-97, passed 3-19-97)