(A)   Improvement location permits.
      (1)   Within the jurisdiction of the Commission, no structure or improvement or use of land, may be altered, changed, placed, erected or located on platted or unplatted lands, unless the structure, improvement or use, and its location, conform with the Master Plan and zoning ordinances of the town, and an improvement location permit for such structure, improvement or use has been issued.
      (2)   A separate improvement location permit is required for each platted lot where a structure, improvement or use of land is to be altered, erected or located.
      (3)   If land is unplatted, each structure, improvement or use of land to be altered, erected or located shall require a separate permit.
      (4)   Unless the Plan Commission specifically authorizes a permit to be granted for a longer term, an improvement location permit expires one year after the date of its issuance.
   (B)   Written application required. The Building Commissioner shall issue an improvement location permit upon written application, when the proposed structure, improvement or use and its location conform in all respects to the Master Plan and zoning ordinances of the town.
   (C)   Site plan and fee.
      (1)   Site plan. Every application for an improvement location permit shall be accompanied by a site plan, or development plan, drawn to scale, showing: the legal or site description of the real estate involved; the location and size of all buildings and structures; the widths and length of all entrances and exits to and from said real estate; and, all adjacent and adjoining roads or highways; and the manner in which the location is to be improved.
      (2)   Fee. Application for an improvement location permit, or an amended or extended improvement location permit, shall be accompanied by a fee of $10, unless an application has been made for a building permit pursuant to Chapter 152 and payment made of the applicable permit fee set forth in Chapter 152 for the same improvement to be made to the same property.
   (D)   Appeal. Any decision of the Building Commissioner concerning the issuance of an improvement location permit may be appealed to the Board of Zoning Appeals when the decision in question involves a requirement of the zoning ordinance, or to the Commission when the decision in question involves the requirements of other parts of the Master Plan, by any person claiming to be adversely affected by such decision.
(Ord. 478, passed 5-5-1970)