(A)   Map of public facilities. The Public Facilities Plan consists of a map entitled “Master Plan, Rockville, Indiana”, dated 1970 or “Public Facilities Plan”, dated 1970. The Public Facilities Plan is hereby declared to be a part of this chapter and notations, references, indications and other details shown therein are as much a part of this chapter as if they were fully described herein.
   (B)   Policy. Whenever public facility sites are shown by the Public Facilities Plan to be located within an area proposed to be subdivided, in accordance with §§ 153.20 through 153.25, the Commission may request their dedication for such purposes, or their reservations for a period of one year following the date of approval of the final plat, in order to carry out the policies exhibited in the Public Facilities Plan.
   (C)   Consideration by public agencies. The Board and any school corporations within the jurisdiction of the Commission shall be guided by and give consideration to the general policy and pattern of public facility development as set forth in the Public Facilities Plan in the authorization, construction, alteration or abandonment, and acceptance of all public facilities.
   (D)   Continuing authority of Commission. Subsequent to the passage of this chapter, the Commission may determine new sites and locations and alter or change existing sites and locations for schools and parks or recreation areas within the jurisdiction of the Commission, and certify to the Board the amended or additional plan under the same procedure as established for the certification and approval of the Public Facilities Plan.
(Ord. 478, passed 5-5-1970)