(A)   Generally. Building and moving permits shall be as follows.
      (1)   For a total valuation from $0 to $100,000: $100. For each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof: $2. Building inspection fee (to be added to cost of building permit): $25. Building inspection fee (for inspection requested by person or firm other than the permit holder): $100.
      (2)   Reinspection required in addition to the regular inspections shall be at the owner or contractors expense at the rate of $40 for each reinspection. Said charge shall be paid prior to reinspection.
      (3)   In the event a “red tag” is issued for work in progress without a permit, a fee of $350 shall be charged in addition to the scheduled permit fee before any additional work may be done. Said fee is reasonably related to the administrative cost required thereto.
      (4)   For purposes of determining the amount of the building permit fee, the total valuation shall be established by multiplying the number of square feet of the ground floor living area by $100 per square foot, exclusive of garages, breezeways and open porches. The second level, whether it be the lower area of a tri-level structure, lower level of a bi-level or split level or second floor of a two-story shall be computed at $60 per square foot. In addition, open porches, garages and breezeways shall be computed at the rate of $20 per square foot. For example, the total valuation of a tri-level with 1,500 square feet on the main floor, 750 square feet on the lower level, 600 square feet in the garage, and a breezeway consisting of 200 square feet would be computed as follows:
1,500 square feet x $100=
750 square feet x $60=
600 square feet x $20=
200 square feet x $20=
Total fees would be:
$247 (includes $25 inspection fee)
   (B)   Wrecking and miscellaneous building permits. Wrecking and other building permit fees shall be as follows:
1,000 square feet or less
Over 1,000 square feet to 2,500 square feet
Over 2,500 square feet, for each 2,500 square feet or major fraction thereof
Issuance of copy of certificate
Occupancy, original certificate
Renewal of certification
Storefront/facade remodel
Yard barn over 250 square feet but under 500 square feet
Garage over 300 square feet but under 600 square feet
  Over 600 square feet
   (C)   Driveway permits. Driveway permit fees shall be as follows: residential and commercial: $40.
   (D)   Sign permits. Sign permit fees shall be as follows.
      (1)   For a total valuation of $0 to $500: $25. For each $500 or fraction thereof: $10. Reinspection fee: $15. Temporary sign (per sign): $10.
      (2)   A fee shall not be charged for installation of a temporary sign by a religious or charitable organization.
   (E)   Plumbing, house drainage and sewer work. Plumbing, house drainage and sewer fees shall be as follows.
      (1)   Permit cost shall be $75.
      (2)   Inspection fee of $25 shall be applied to each permit fee.
      (3)   Reinspection or inspection subsequent to “red tag” shall be at the expense of the owner or applicant at the rate of $40 for each reinspection. Said charge shall be paid prior to reinspection.
      (4)   Permit fee for plumbing work valued at less than $500 shall be $25, and shall require one inspection at the rate of $25. Reinspection shall be at the rate of $40 each.
   (F)   Electrical installation. Electrical installation fees shall be as follows. Permit cost shall be $75 for issuance or permit, plus inspection expense as follows.
      (1)   All residential services any size will be at the rate of $0.75 per ampere. All commercial and industrial services will be at $0.75 per ampere. All three-phase services will be at the rate of $0.90 per ampere.
      (2)   Temporary pole permit shall be at the rate of $25 for permit, and $15 for one inspection. Reinspection shall be at the rate of $40. In the event a temporary service, other than a temporary pole, is converted to a permanent service, credit shall be given for the cost of the temporary service.
      (3)   All room additions, remodels and the like, without a change of service shall be at the rate of $25 per inspection.
      (4)   Normal inspections shall consist of one rough and one final inspection. All additional inspections caused by improper installation shall be at the rate of $40 per inspection.
      (5)   Minimum inspection fee shall be $25.
      (6)   Permit and inspection shall be required for all electrical signs and burglar alarms monitored by the town at the rate of $25 per sign or burglar alarm inspection.
      (7)   In the event an application for permit shall be made for which the foregoing fee schedule is not applicable, the application shall be reviewed by the Inspector and a fair and equitable fee will be determined consistent with the foregoing fee schedule, subject to review by the Town Council at the rate of the Electrical Inspector or the applicant.
      (8)   Electrical permit cost for installation or construction of central air conditioning, above ground swimming pool, fireplace or unattached garage, shall be $25; and shall require one inspection at a cost of $25. Reinspection, if necessary, shall be at the rate of $40 each.
   (G)   Payment fees.
      (1)   The amount so required for each permit shall be paid by the party or parties contemplating such erection, construction, repair, changes or additions, electrical or plumbing installations, to the Clerk-Treasurer of said town at his or her office in the Town Hall.
      (2)   The electrical and plumbing permittees in the amount of $25 each, together with all permit fees for building and moving permits, and wrecking and other building permits, collected by the Clerk-Treasurer shall be reported to the Town Council on a monthly basis after having been paid into the Clerk Treasurer’s office, and shall be and become a part of the General Fund of the town.
(Ord. 2009-749, passed 9-8-2009)