31.01   General enforcement policy
   31.02   Responsibility for enforcement; duty of Town Marshal
   31.03   Enforcement by other officials, boards or commissions
   31.04   Procedure for issuance of citation; service in person
   31.05   Issuance and service of citation by mail
   31.06   Notice to appear; refusal to sign; security for release
   31.07   Conditional citation or offense with conditional penalties
   31.08   Warning instead of official citation
   31.09   Statute of limitations on issuance of citation
   31.10   Form of citation and summons; traffic offenses; other offenses
   31.11   Administrative procedure on issuance of citation
   31.12   Procedure for fixing requested fine
   31.13   Compromise and settlement of complaint without trial
   31.14   Filing and prosecution of violation complaint
   31.15   Appearance for defendant and for the town
   31.16   Payment of fines, other costs and prosecutor’s fee
   31.17   Records of conviction or compromise of violation
   31.18   Further or collateral actions for enforcement or recovery
   31.19   Allocation and deposit of receipted fines, fees and costs
   31.20   Further rules and procedures for enforcement