(A)   All plantings are made by the Commission in accordance with the general landscape plans.
   (B)   All trees, shrubbery and flowers growing in the cemetery shall remain the property of the cemetery and cannot be removed without written consent of the Commission. No labor or landscaping shall be permitted within the cemetery without a special permit from the Commission. In order that all might be protected, and to secure the best general results all landscaping shall be done under the direction and with the approval of the Memory Garden Cemetery Commission. No mounds on graves shall be permitted, and no enclosures of graves or lots with stones or other material will be permitted.
   (C)   Cut flowers may be placed on graves at any time and will be removed when they become unsightly. Only standard underground receptacles will be allowed, and shall be limited, two to a grave. These can be purchased through the cemetery.
   (D)   The Commission will not be responsible for any receptacle. Tin cans and glass jars will not be permitted. Any such article will be removed at once.
   (E)   Exceptions will be made on Memorial Day when any decoration within reason will be permitted for seven days only. Holly or evergreen grave blankets and artificial flowers may be used throughout the winter months (November 1 through April 1). None of these will be permitted during the growing season (April 1 through November 1).
   (F)   There shall be no more than one shepard hook or similar iron decoration per stone, even if the stone is a double stone. Solar lights are allowable so long as the solar light is on the one shepard hook or similar iron decoration mentioned above.
   (G)   All angel statues must be on the grave stone and the statue must be limited to no more than 16 inches in height.
(Ord. 2006-709, passed 3-21-2006)