(A)   The Commission shall not be responsible for any order given by telephone or any mistake occurring from want of precise and proper instructions as to the particular space, size and location in a plot where interment is desired. It is always best for some member of the family to visit the cemetery to place the order.
   (B)   No wooden box burials are permitted, and/or welfare boxes with any type of drain holes.
   (C)   No interment of any body or the cremated remains of any body, other than that of human beings will be allowed.
   (D)   The single grave sections in the cemetery are not pauper graves, the right of sepulcher being sold at a fixed price to include the same care as all other portions of the cemetery. Should the remains be removed from the cemetery, the use of said grave space shall revert to the Commission, but the owner purchase a lot in the cemetery he or she shall be allowed the full price paid for the single grave rights as credit on the lot, paying a reasonable charge for disinterment, removal and reinterment.
   (E)   In order that improvements be kept uniform, Memory Garden Cemetery reserves the rights to regulate the size and quality of all markers and other constructions on any grave or lot in said cemetery, and to prevent the erection or placing of any obstruction which may conflict with the regulations, or which may be injurious to the general appearance of the ground, and to remove same if necessary.
   (F)   No family monuments of any kind or description will be permitted on any lot. Standard markers shall be used exclusively as hereinafter designated.
   (G)   Only one marker shall be placed at a grave. This shall be a marker of good quality gray granite, and shall be located at the head of the grave (west end). The lots in Memory Garden Cemetery are so arranged that a space is left at the head of each grave for setting markers, and no markers shall be placed out of the marker line. (No foot markers are allowed.)
   (H)   All markers shall be two feet long by one foot wide, by six inches high with one-inch bevel. Bottoms level and sides pitched to line, lettering optional and finish of top optional. Double markers will be permitted for companion graves and they shall be four feet long by one foot wide, same design.
   (I)   The name or inscription on each marker must correspond with the name on record in the office of the Commission. This is of vital importance in order for the Superintendent to keep his or her records in order.
   (J)   It shall be the duty of the plot owner to notify the Commission of any change in the post office address. Notice sent to a plot owner at his or her last address on file in the office of the Commission shall be considered sufficient and proper legal notification.
   (K)   No advertising shall be allowed upon the grounds and no stones or markers showing the dealer’s name or trade mark will be permitted.
   (L)   No private mausoleums will be permitted, neither will any vault or tomb of any nature or material which extends to the surface of the ground or would interfere with the sod or natural beauty of the grounds.
(Ord. 2006-709, passed 3-21-2006)