Editor's note--Appendix "A" consists of the zoning ordinance of the City of Rock Island, enacted October 4, 1976, as amended. The nature of a zoning ordinance, the requirements of the state law as to the procedures for enactment, amendment, appeals and the like preclude its physical incorporation as an integral part of the Code; hence it has been included in the Appendix, as enacted, for the information and convenience of the user. The editor has not set out any ordinances which simply reclassified specific property.
Unless otherwise indicated by a history note following a particular section, the ordinance is set out as originally enacted. The article headings and numbers, and section numbers and catchlines have been retained. Material in brackets [] has been added by the editor for purposes of clarity.
Cross references--Administration, ch. 2; alcoholic beverages, ch. 3; buildings and building regulations, ch. 4; licenses and business regulations, ch. 8; planning and development, ch. 11; establishment of recreational vehicle park, § 7-59; community development department, § 11-31 et seq.; preservation of historically or architecturally significant property, § 11-91 et seq.
State law reference--Zoning, 65 ILCS 11-13-1 et seq.