Section 4. Powers of the City. The City shall have all powers which the constitutions, statutes and common law of the United States and of this state expressly or impliedly grants or allows municipalities, as fully as though this Charter specifically enumerated each of those powers. To the extent not granted under the general powers of the City, the City also has the authority to permit funding to service, governmental and nonprofit organizations for public benefit economic, social and health purposes.
      Section 5. Construction of Powers. In this Charter, no specification of a power is exclusive or restricts authority that the City would have if the power were not specified. The Charter shall be liberally construed, so that the City may exercise fully all its powers possible under this Charter and under United States and Oregon law. All powers are continuing unless a specific grant of power clearly indicates the contrary.
      Section 6. Distribution of Powers. Except as this Charter prescribes otherwise and as the Oregon Constitution reserves municipal legislative power to the voters of the City, all powers of the City are vested in the Council.