Section 31. Enacting Clause. The enacting clause of all ordinances hereafter enacted shall be “The City of Rockaway Beach ordains as follows:”
      Section 32. Adoption by Council.
         1.   Except as subsection (2) of this section allows adoption at a single meeting and subsection (3) of this section allows reading by title only, an ordinance shall be fully and distinctly read in open council meeting on two different days before being adopted by the Council.
         2.   Except as subsection (3) of this section allows reading by title only, the Council may adopt an ordinance at a single meeting by the express unanimous votes of all council members present, provided the ordinance is read first in full and then by title.
         3.   Any reading of an ordinance may be by title only if:
            A.   No Council member present at the reading requests that the ordinance be read in full, or
            B.   At least one week before the reading:
               i.   A copy of the ordinance is provided for each Council member,
               ii.   Copies of the ordinance are available for public inspection in the City Hall.
               iii.   Notice of the ordinance availability is given by written notice posted at the City Hall and two other public places in the City, and
               iv.   Appropriate notice of a scheduled reading of a proposed ordinance or proposed amendment of an ordinance shall be published in keeping with applicable State laws.
         4.   An ordinance to meet an emergency may be introduced, read twice either in full or by title only and be adopted at a regular or special Council meeting, without the ordinance being described in a published agenda if the reasons requiring immediate action are described in the ordinance. The unanimous approval of all Council members at the meeting, and a quorum being present, is required to adopt an emergency ordinance under this provision.
         5.   All ordinances shall be set forth as topics in the agenda of the City. Notice of any meeting in which an ordinance is being read or adopted shall provide a brief description of the ordinance so that interested persons can attend and be heard on the matter. All ordinances shall be available in the City Hall for interested persons to inspect.
         6.   An ordinance read by title only has no legal effect if it differs substantially from its terms as it was filed prior to the reading unless each section so differing is read fully and distinctly in open Council meeting before the Council adopts the ordinance.
         7.   Upon the adoption of an ordinance, the ayes and nays of the Council members shall be entered in the record of Council proceedings.
         8.   After adoption of an ordinance, the custodian of City records shall endorse it with its date of adoption and the endorser's name and title of office, and within three days thereafter the Mayor shall sign it with the date of signature, name and the title of office.
      Section 33. Effective Date. A nonemergency ordinance takes effect on the thirtieth day after its adoption or on a later day the ordinance prescribes. An ordinance adopted to meet an emergency may take effect as soon as adopted.