General Provisions
   150.001   Enforcement of building standards — state law adopted
   150.002   Fire limits
   150.003   Building or occupation of structures within fire limits
Building Code
   150.015   Title
   150.016   Purpose
   150.017   Authority
   150.018   Scope
   150.019   Adoption of rules by reference
   150.020   Fees
   150.021   Entry by Building Commissioner or representative
   150.022   Stop order
   150.023   Certificate of occupancy
   150.024   Workmanship and demolition
   150.025   Violation
   150.026   Right of appeal
   150.027   Remedies
Building Permits; Inspections
   150.040   Required
   150.041   Application for permits
   150.042   Work done in compliance with other regulations
   150.043   Review of application
   150.044   Inspection of work; reinspection
   150.045   Inspection assistant
   150.055   License required
   150.056   License application; fee
   150.057   Bond
   150.058   Enforcement referral
Plumbing Contractors
   150.070   Registration required
   150.071   Registration information required
   150.072   Registration fee
   150.073   Bond
   150.074   Cancellation of registration
   150.075   Display of registration
   150.076   Enforcement referral
House Movers
   150.085   License required
   150.086   License application; information required
   150.087   License fee
   150.088   Bond
   150.089   Notification of utilities
Underground or Buried Utilities
   150.095   Purpose
   150.096   Designation
   150.097   Restrictions
   150.098   Exceptions
   150.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission, see I.C. 22-12-2-1 et seq.
   Fire and Building Services Department, see I.C. 22-12-5-1 et seq.
Editor’s Note:
   Per the document entitled “Interlocal Agreement for the Administration of the Rochester Building Code and Unsafe Building Ordinance by Fulton County”, adopted by the Fulton County Council on August 19, 2008, and the Rochester Common Council on August 25, 2008, the administration of §§ 150.001 et seq. and 150.015 et seq. has been turned over to the Fulton County Area Plan Office, however the affected code sections have not been amended to reflect this change.