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910.47. Open burning.
   Subdivision 1. Minnesota Statutes, Section 88.01 – 88.22 is hereby adopted by reference. This section of the city code is administered and enforced by the fire chief. (Amended, Ord. No. 98-05)
   Subd. 2. Recreational fire.
   A recreational fire is defined as a fire set for cooking, warming, enjoyment, or ceremonial purposes which is not more than three feet in diameter by three feet high and has had the ground five feet from the base of the fire cleared of all combustible material. No permit is required for a fire contained in a charcoal grill, camp stove or other device designed for the purpose of cooking or heating. (Added, Ord. No. 98-05)
   Subd. 3. Permit required.
   A permit is required for a recreational fire. The recreational fire must be burned in accordance with the conditions contained in the application. (Added, Ord. No. 98-05)
   Subd. 4. Fee.
   The fee for the permit is set by Appendix B. (Added, Ord. No. 98-05)
   Subd. 5. Applicant.
   The applicant must be age 18 years or older, and a resident of the city. If the permit is approved, the applicant or other resident of the home who is 18 years or older, shall remain with the fire at all times and before leaving the site shall completely extinguish the fire. The applicants must have the permit on their person and shall produce the permit when requested to do so by a fire official or other peace officer. (Added, Ord. No. 98-05; Amended, Ord. No. 10-22)