Every property owner, builder, developer, contractor or any other licensed person who undertakes to demolish, remodel, build and construct a dwelling unit, or any residential structure in the zoning jurisdiction of the city shall meet the following standards.
   (A)   A dumpster, at least eight cubic yards in size, shall be located on all new residential construction sites unless a suitable alternative means of collecting and disposing of construction and/or demolition debris is approved by the Code Enforcement Supervisor or his or her designee. Dumpsters shall be located on private property and shall be painted in dark brown, dark blue, dark green or other muted color. Signage on dumpsters shall be limited to the identification of the dumpster manufacturer or the contractor’s business name and phone number. The total surface area allowed for such signage shall not exceed four square feet in total surface area.
   (B)   Site building supplies, including bricks and lumber (with the exception of large trusses), must be stacked and covered nights, weekends and anytime work is not in progress.
   (C)   On-site building materials are limited to those required for completion of remaining construction; for example:
      (1)   Quantities of concrete block should not be on-site after completion of foundation;
      (2)   Surplus bricks, sand and mortar mix should not be retained on-site after completion of masonry work; and
      (3)   At no time should a building site be used as storage for vehicles and equipment not being used for current construction activities.
   (D)   Portable toilets, construction driveways and any necessary silt fences should be installed on-site prior to the commencement of any work after obtaining appropriate permits.
   (E)   In the event a house or other residential structure under construction or demolition is abandoned by the contractor prior to the completion, the structure(s) and lot shall be cleaned and cleared of debris from construction and other sources, and the structure(s) will be secured in a manner which will serve to prevent vandalism, trespassing and vagrancy.
   (F)   In the event that any of the above listed items are not within the scope of work which the owner has awarded to the builder, then the owner shall be responsible for compliance with this section.
(1997 Code, § 50.05) (Ord. passed - - ) Penalty, see § 50.99