(A)   The Beautification Committee shall consist of nine members. Members shall be appointed by the Mayor and City Council to serve three-year terms. Vacancies occurring for reasons other than the expiration of terms shall be filled as they occur for the period of the unexpired term.
   (B)   In making appointments to the Committee, the Mayor and City Council shall seek to appoint persons who possess qualities of impartiality, maturity and broad judgment, and in whom the community at large may be expected to have confidence.
   (C)   Members of the Committee shall serve without pay.
   (D)   Pursuant to Council action taken on January 10, 2006, the Council and staff representatives serving as ex-officio members shall serve as voting members, in addition to serving in an advisory capacity.
(1997 Code, § 31.050) (Ord. passed - -; Ord. passed 7-14-1981)