(A) It shall be unlawful to carry a concealed handgun on or in parks and recreational facilities and appurtenant facilities during an organized event scheduled with the city; parks and recreation facilities and appurtenant facilities including, but not limited to, located in the following city parks and facilities:
      (1)   T.J. Davis Recreation Center;
      (2)   Aquatics Center and Outdoor Pools;
      (3)   Chaloner Recreation Center and Outdoor Pool;
      (4)   Jo Story Senior Center;
      (5)   Roanoke Rapids Public Library;
      (6)   Kirkwood Adams Community Center;
      (7)   Roanoke Canal Museum;
      (8)   Lloyd Andrews City Meeting Hall;
      (9)   Smith Park;
      (10)   Long Park;
      (11)   Chockoyotte Park;
      (12)   Rochelle Park;
      (13)   Emry Park;
      (14)   C.W. Davis Park;
      (15)   Melody Park;
      (16)   Edward George Park;
      (17)   Martin Luther King, Jr. Park;
      (18)   Ledgerwood Athletic Complex;
      (19)   Wheeler Park; and
      (20)   Southgate Park.
   (B)   The Recreation Director or his or her designee is hereby authorized and instructed to post conspicuous signage at appropriate locations on the recreational facilities described in division (A) above, indicating that carrying a firearm, including a handgun carried under the authority of a lawful concealed handgun permit, is prohibited.
   (C)   Signs on buildings shall be visibly posted on the exterior of each entrance by which the general public can access the building. The Recreation Director or his or her designee shall exercise discretion in determining the number and appropriate location of signs to be placed on or within appurtenant premises and recreational facilities.
(Ord. 2014-01, passed 2-18-2014) Penalty, see § 131.99