(A)   Purpose and intent. The purpose of this section is to prohibit urinating or defecating in public, in order to allow public property to be used more enjoyably and to promote the good health of the public.
   (B)   Authority. This section is adopted under the authority granted by G.S. § 160A-174.
   (C)   Jurisdiction. This section applies to all property accessible to the general public.
   (D)   Definitions. For the purpose of this section, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      DEFECATE. The act of expelling solid waste from the human body.
      PERSONS. Any individual, firm, partnership, association, corporation, other organizations or groups, or a combination of persons acting as a unit.
      PUBLIC PLACE. Any building, street, alley, parking lot or any other place that is easily accessible to the general public.
      URINATE. The act of expelling liquid waste from the human body.
   (E)   Prohibited conduct. It shall be unlawful for any person to urinate or defecate in any public place, in view of the public.
   (F)   Enforcement. Any person violating this section will be charged by citation, criminal summons or by physical arrest for this violation.
(1997 Code, § 130.03) (Ord. passed - - ) Penalty, see § 130.99