(A)   All streets accepted for maintenance by the city shall be named by the City Council. All streets accepted for maintenance by the State Department of Transportation shall be named by the Board of Transportation. Private streets may be named by the owner with the approval of the City Planning Department.
      (1)   Street name signs shall be installed and maintained by the respective naming authority. Damage, removal or possession of a public street sign shall constitute a misdemeanor.
   (B)   All improved properties within the city shall be assigned numbers by the Planning Department.
      (1)   Within 30 days of notice having been sent by the Planning Department or its agent, the owner or occupant of an improved property shall post the address numbers so assigned.
      (2)   The minimum height of address numbers shall be not less than four inches and the minimum width shall not be less than one-half inch with a brush stroke between each number, and shall be located within a three-foot perimeter of a building’s front entrance so that they shall be legible from the traveled way. In the event that a building is located more than 100 feet from the traveled way or is landscaped in such a way that the numbers cannot be seen from the traveled way, the assigned address numbers shall also be posted at, or near, the property line at a driveway or walkway serving the building so as to be clearly visible from both directions of road travel.
      (3)   The address numbers shall contrast in color to that which they are mounted and shall be maintained in a clearly visible manner.
      (4)   With respect to all improved properties served by private streets or arranged in such a manner to preclude address numbers being visible from a public street (e.g., mobile home stalls, apartments, shopping center tenants and the like) location numbers shall be assigned and installed consistent with the provisions referenced above.
      (5)   Upon posting the assigned address and location numbers, the owner and occupant shall maintain such numbers in compliance with this section.
(1997 Code, § 98.09) (Ord. passed - -1997; Ord. 2010-26, passed 12-14-2010) Penalty, see § 10.99