(A)   Funerals, while within Cedarwood Cemetery, will be under the control of the Cemetery Supervisor or one of his or her assistants.
   (B)   If an owner requests additional burial place on any lot and space is available, the current fees for a single grave site shall be charged at the time of opening.
   (C)   All graves shall be dug and interments made in the manner prescribed by the city. The depth of each grave shall be not less than four feet. Remains are to be enclosed in a vault or in an urn. No internment shall be permitted except when the remains are encased in a vault or in an urn. No wooden liners or wooden vaults will be permitted. An urn vault is required only with any urn made of wood or other biodegradable material. Any vault or urn used must be approved by the Cemetery Supervisor or Public Works Director, and must meet industry standards of acceptability.
   (D)   No interment will be permitted without proper death certificate or burial permit as required by the health authorities.
   (E)   The city may require of any person not the lot owner authority satisfactory to it before permitting the opening of a grave or an interment, but the city shall not be liable for the opening of a grave or an interment which it permits, relying in good faith upon the application of any member of the lot owner’s family or other person apparently acting upon the proper authority.
   (F)   The city shall be notified promptly of the hour fixed for interments, and if necessary, on account of previous conflicting arrangements, the city may require the hour to be changed.
   (G)   Not more than one body shall be interred in one grave, except a parent and an infant child, an adult and one cremation, two children buried at the same time in one casket, or two cremations in one grave. If the burial of cremated remains is to be on an occupied grave site, then the standard fee for a single grave site shall be charged.
   (H)   All graves when thoroughly settled will be sodded or seeded without charge to the lot owner and shall be level with the surrounding lawn.
   (I)   Funeral home directors shall be responsible for settlement of graves for a period of 30 days.
   (J)   Scattering of ashes across the grave site is prohibited.
   (K)   All cremations shall be placed in a city approved container, and the uppermost part of the burial container shall have a minimum of 18 inches of cover.
(1997 Code, § 92.15) (Ord. passed 3-14-1989; Ord. passed - -1997; Ord. passed 2-23-1999; Ord. passed 2-23-1999; Ord. passed 9-11-2012) Penalty, see § 10.99