(A)   A crypt or mausoleum shall be defined as an above ground burial vault. The overall height of the above ground burial vault shall not exceed a maximum of 50 inches from ground level measured at the center of the structure. The uppermost part of a burial vault shall be a minimum of 18 inches below the ground surface.
   (B)   A family monument shall not be allowed in conjunction with above ground burial vaults on the same lot.
   (C)   Crypts, mausoleums or above ground burial vaults shall not be allowed to be installed in any parts of Section E, F or J of Cedarwood Cemetery, and only single or double crypts side by side will be allowed in Section G.
   (D)   All plans including dimensional requirements shall be submitted to the Cemetery Supervisor for his or her review and approval prior to construction.
   (E)   Walk-in mausoleums are not permitted in Cedarwood Cemetery.
   (F)   In ground interments shall not be allowed in Section G.
   (G)   All above ground burial vault foundations shall be constructed by the owner’s contractors under the supervision of and the specifications of the Cemetery Supervisor.
   (H)   One 12-foot by 12-foot crypt site may accommodate up to two vaults. Two vault crypts must be centered on the site. If two separate crypts are used, the foundations must join for their entire length. No foundation shall be closer than one foot from any property line.
(1997 Code, § 92.05) (Ord. passed 3-14-1989; Ord. passed 9-21-1989; Ord. passed 11-12-1991; Ord. passed - -1997; Ord. 2008-18, passed 11-25-2008)