(A)   Lots sold shall be duly recorded and platted in the office of the Register of Deeds of the county and a copy on file in the City Clerk’s office.
   (B)   The grade of all lots shall be established by the city and no change will be permitted.
   (C)   The lots are permanently marked, without expense to the purchaser, with corner and number markers, defining the lots to correspond with the plat.
   (D)   A lot may be held in joint ownership, but in such case where one co-owner is a nonresident, the lot shall be sold according to nonresident price.
   (E)   No person will be recognized as owner or part owner of a lot unless his or her name appears on the records on file in the City Clerk’s office.
   (F)   Each lot owner shall immediately notify the City Clerk of any change of residential address.
   (G)   Lots in the cemetery are generally divided into five classes:
      (1)   Single grave lots, approximately five by ten feet;
      (2)   Two grave lots, approximately ten by ten feet, no headstone permitted;
      (3)   Two grave lots, approximately ten by 12 feet, headstone permitted;
      (4)   Four grave lots, approximately ten by 20 feet; and
      (5)   Eight grave lots, approximately 20 by 20 feet. Eight grave lots may be divided in half and so sold by the city, and each of the halves shall be designated by the letter A/B after the number of the lot.
   (H)   Nonresidents of the city may purchase lots in Cedarwood Cemetery according to the price schedule set by the City Council.
   (I)   A person has the option to purchase one, two, three or four lots. No sale shall be made for more than four grave lots to any family household without approval of City Council.
   (J)   When the owner of a grave lot desires to assign or transfer to another person the space owned by him or her, he or she shall obtain the signatures of the City Clerk and City Manager to the deed of transfer to the new owner. Transfer from city to non-city residents shall require payment to the city of equal to the difference in current city and non-city rates.
(1997 Code, § 92.01) (Ord. passed 3-14-1989; Ord. passed - -1997; Ord. 2008-18, passed 11-25-2008)