A private tow truck operator or business on the eligible list shall contract with the city to remove the vehicles described in this chapter from the public streets or other public places or private property upon the request of the authorizing official. The contract shall be in writing, shall specify the charges to be made for towing and shall require the person entering into the contract for the towing of such vehicles to perform the service in a manner consistent with the provisions of this chapter and the rules prepared thereunder and shall provide for the forfeiture of the contract in the event of a violation of any of the provisions of the contract or of the provisions of this chapter. The contract shall further provide that the city shall not be obligated to the person undertaking the towing and storage of such vehicles for any damages which may be incurred in the performance of the obligation assumed by him or her but that the charge shall be collected solely from the owner of the vehicle involved unless it is found that no probable cause existed for the towing of any vehicle pursuant to G.S. § 20-219.11.
(1997 Code, § 90.19) (Ord. passed - -1997)