A.   It is hereby declared to be a nuisance and to be against the health, peace and comfort of the village for any person, firm or corporation within the limits of the village to permit the following, but the enumeration of the following nuisances shall not be deemed to be exclusive:
      1.   Creating Sanitary Sewage: The use of any premises in the village in such a manner as to create sanitary sewage thereon not discharged into either: a) the village sanitary sewer system or b) those devices and structures for treating sewage located on such premises as allowed by section 7-2A-1 of this code is hereby declared to be a nuisance.
      2.   Uncut Turf Grass Or Weeds: The refusal or neglect to maintain the areas on any premises planted in turf grass such that such uncut turf grass or weeds invading such area reach a height in excess of eight inches (8"). The property owner shall cut or cause the same to be cut within five (5) days after being notified to do so by the village.
      3.   Creating Offensive Smells: To so negligently conduct any business or use any premises as to create such an offensive smell as may taint the air and render it unwholesome or disagreeable to the neighborhood.
      4.   Permitting Offensive Matter To Remain: To cause or suffer the vegetable matter, slops, swill, suds, garbage, filth, stable droppings or offal, or noisome substance of any kind, to be collected, deposited, or to remain in any place in the village to the prejudice of others.
      5.   Depositing Offensive Matter: To deposit, throw or place manure, dead animals or any other filthy, offensive or noisome substance in or upon any street, lot, highway, park, watercourse, lake, pond, spring or other place within the village with the exception of fertilizer normally used for home gardening or farming.
      6.   Accumulations Of Junk, Trash: To deposit or pile up any rags, old rope, paper, brush, old iron, brass, copper, tin, ashes, garbage, refuse, litter, weeds, slush, lead, glass bottles, broken glass, building materials, construction debris, automotive parts or trash or waste material of any kind upon any lot, piece or parcel of land or upon any public or private street within the village, except as otherwise provided in the village ordinances.
      7.   Buildings: To refuse to maintain or by neglect cause any buildings, structure or excavation to be left in an unsanitary, unsafe or dangerous condition (which condition shall be presumed whenever windows, doors or other openings into the building are left unsecured while the building is abandoned or unoccupied). Every building or part thereof which is in an unsanitary condition by reason of the basement or cellar being damp or wet, or by reason of the floor of such basement or cellar being covered with stagnant water, or by reason of the presence of sewer gas, or by reason of any portion of a building being infected with disease or being unfit for human habitation, or which by reason of any other unsanitary condition, is a source of sickness or which endangers the public health, is hereby declared to be a public nuisance.
      8.   Outdoor Storage Of Vehicles: To allow more than two (2) motor vehicles having a current state or village vehicle license to be parked overnight upon any residential property in the village, except inside a totally enclosed structure, if such outdoor parking is not undertaken as an accessory use to serve the principal residential use of the property by those persons occupying the principal building on such property.
      9.   Unlawful Use Of Premises: To knowingly allow or permit the rental of a dwelling unit to a tenant who allows any of the following offenses to occur relating to the tenant, member of the tenant's household, or any guest or other party under control of the tenant: murder, kidnapping, aggravated kidnapping, prostitution, solicitation of prostitution, pandering, obscenity, child pornography, criminal housing management, possession of explosives, unlawful use of weapons, sale of firearms, gambling, keeping a gambling place, concealing a fugitive, violation of the Illinois controlled substances act, violation of the cannabis control act or commission of any two (2) or more of any other crimes under the state of Illinois or under the federal government not specifically listed above.
   B.   Notwithstanding that no provision is made in this section defining what are certain nuisances and how the same may be removed, abated, or prevented, those offenses which are known to the common law of the land and state statutes as nuisances may, in case the same exist within the village limits or within one mile thereof, be treated as nuisances and proceeded against in the manner provided herein. (Ord. 09-8-16, 8-18-2009)