(A)   In order to simplify purchasing of goods and services, the village may obtain credit cards for use by village officers and employees.
   (B)   The village credit card program shall be administered by the Office Manager, who shall keep a record of all village credit cards and the persons to whom they have been furnished. All persons to whom a credit card is issued shall acknowledge, in writing, receipt of this Credit Card Use Policy. Only a person to whom a card is issued may use the card.
   (C)   Credit cards may only be used for the purchase of any goods and services needed in the conduct of village business, including but not limited to fuel, office supplies, tools, spare parts, uniform items and safety equipment expressly authorized by a collective bargaining agreement, and maintenance services. Credit cards may also be used for travel expenses for official business, but only if approved in advance by the Village Board.
   (D)   Credit cards shall never be used for any Internet purchase except by or in the presence of the Office Manager.
   (E)   All expenditures made with a village credit card shall be documented with a receipt showing the date of purchase, name of vendor, and product or service involved. The receipt shall be signed by the officer or employee making the expenditure and annotated with a statement of the purpose of the expenditure, and in the case of fuel purchases, the vehicle or equipment involved. Receipts shall be turned into the Office Manager within two working days of the date of expenditure.
   (F)   The Office Manager shall, together with the Village President or Chairman of the Administration Committee, review all credit card statements and shall match all expenditures on statements with receipts, prior to such statements being recommended to the Village Board for payment.
   (G)   In no event shall any person use a village credit card for any cash advance or in an automated teller machine.
   (H)   There shall be no personal use of any village credit card for any reason whatsoever.
   (I)   Credit cards shall be returned to the Office Manager upon demand in the Officer Manager's sole discretion.
   (J)   Lost or stolen credit cards shall be promptly reported to the Office Manager.
(Ord. 13-016, passed 8-19-2013)